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Eco Management Consultants - drainage solutions for residential and commercial lawn drainage, downspout drainage, landscape drainage, driveway drainage, patio drains and all outdoor drainage needs

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At Eco Management Consultants we offer design build drainge solutions for Orlando, Clermont and Florida statewide clients. Our process begins with a telephone discussion in which we will discuss the type of water problems that your property is experiencing. As many property owners have had companies install dummy drains or French drains that do not resolve their drainage needs, we ask that potential clients bring up any previous drainage work that has been done on the property.

It is most unfortunate that the lack of education, license or experience by many companies offering drainage solutions ends up in costly projects that do not resolve many client's drainge needs. One might think that drainge is simple yet it is most complex and requires extensive calculations of quantities of water during average and extreme storm events. Rain water is measrued in cubic feet per second when flowing over a roof, in gutters or downspouts, in pipes, as well as in swales. The importance of accurate calculations is most critical to resolving clients drainge needs as these quantities of water will determin how many pipes and what size pipes are needed to resolve drainge needs. A small pipe may handle rainwater from several downspouts during a minor storm event with no complications. But one must think that minor storm events are not the storm events that cause most damage and or the storm evbents that bring your drainage deficiencies to your attention. It is not uncommon for a rain event to deliver two to three inches of rain per hour in Florida. This massive quantity of water will quickly over power a poorly designed drainage system.

At Eco Management Consultants our Licensed Landscape Architect will perform all necessary calculations while designing your drainage system to handle minor and major storm events. These calculations take into consideration what type of surface the water will be running across or over, slope of such surface, masimum rain storm event based upon historical data provided by the government. At Eco Managment Consultants we will not propose a dead man pipe or a french drain, these structures simply do not work in Florida. Our weather and geology dictate that if a client is having drainge issues we must move the water from one location to another to provide retention, infiltration and or evaporation opportunities.

many different drainage solutions will be considered when designing your drainage system. Some clients may prefer that sub grade structures be used to manage the flow of water and some prefer development of a rain garden to capture and hold water purifying it with the use of aquatic plants. Some water flow may be managed with surface flow techniques and an overall system may contain several different drainge solutions resulting in a drainage systme that moves, infiltrates and evaporates excess rain water.

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Most cleint contacts at Eco Management Consultants result from an immediate drainage need, most often during our rainy season. To insure that we are devoting our time to clients who are servious about their drainge needs we do charge an initial meeting fee of $200.00. This fee covers our transportation to your site, the meeting and the time that it takes to prepare your drainage services proposal. This fee ensures that we are charging out clients for their project and their project only. Some companies may offer free initial meetings which are conducted by sales people and only drive the price up for clients who do sign agreements with any company. We ask that you review our website and once you have an assured comfort level with our knowlege, experience and qualifications call us to schedule your initial drainage meeting.

During our initial conversation we will inquire if you have a copy of your survey that you can email to us so that we can more easily understand the locations that you might point out during this call. Please be sure to note your name, address and contact information in this email. If you do not have the ability to email this survey we wold like to receive a copy from you at your initial meeting.

At Eco Management Consultants we understand Florida drainage needs. It is an undisputed fact, french drains do not work in Florida. This is due to our soil conditions and large quantity rain storm events. A french drain is a limited capacity structure that most often holds approximately 60 gallons of water. A typical storm event will dump thousands of gallons of water on a typical roof in Florida quickly exceeding the capacity of such structure. French drains are additionally costly to build due to the digging, soil relocation and rock mass required, an expense to construct a structure that is not effective at solving drainage needs. Without performing rain calculatiosn and CFS capacities a storm structure is just a guess, a shot in the dark, most often missing and resulting in further drainage issues and expense.

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Call us today at 321-558-4231 to discuss your drainage needs and schedule an initial meeting. If you receive our telephone recording plesae leave a message, we may be busy servicing client needs yet we will get back to you in a timely fashion.

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